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So I Just Got Arrested for DUI.

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What Do I Do Next?

Did you hire a DUI attorney?
A DUI can be fought in court, and at the DMV. If you want to get the best possible advice and outcome, you must get a good attorney.

Did you contact the DMV?
A DUI attorney will contact the DMV Drivers’ Safety Office on your behalf. A hearing will be requested, and a hold of suspension will be placed on your driver’s license. A hearing must be requested within ten (10) days of your arrest…[ DUI Arrest Continued]


  • Understanding DUI Charges
  • First Offense DUI
  • Felony DUI
  • Watson Murder

Criminal Defense

  • Vehicular Crimes
  • Domestic Violence
  • Sex Crimes
  • White Collar Crimes


  • Expungement
  • Bench Warrant Recall
  • Termination of 290 Registration
  • Seal and Destroy Arrest


  • Possession with Intent
  • Cultivation of Marijuana
  • CAL HS 11366
  • DUI Drugs (DUID)
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The Big Difference

between hiring a big firm to handle your case and hiring my office is that I will personally handle every aspect of your case, I will stay in constant communication with you, and my clients can rest assured that they will receive personalized attention because now I have the ability to limit the number of cases I take on. Check out what our clients say.

During my time working for a big defense firm I covered all areas of criminal litigation including felonies and misdemeanors as a lead trial attorney. I achieved incredible results in complex cases, where the defendants were facing career threatening circumstances through negotiations or prevailing in trial.

Since the majority of the cases I handled were DUI cases, I was trained and certified in standardized field sobriety testing, various breathalyzer devices, and police procedure in DUI investigations. My expertise and track record gave me the opportunity to lecture other attorneys in DUI defense seminars. My experience in DUI cases also gave me the ability to build close relationships with numerous court prosecutors and judges.

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Woodland Hills DUI

The Law Office of Ben Mironer provides local criminal defense representation in the Woodland Hills area. Our central office is conveniently located in Woodland Hills, CA and we service the San Fernando Valley.

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West Hills DUI

The Law Office of Ben Mironer provides local criminal defense representation to residents of West Hills. Our central office is conveniently located in Woodland Hills, CA and we service the San Fernando Valley. Our office has the experience and expertise you need to fight criminal charges, and we are always prepared to defend you.

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Calabasas DUI

Provides proven criminal defense representation to residents of Calabasas, CA. Our main office is located in Woodland Hills, CA minutes from Calabasas, and we service the West Valley. Our office has the local experience and expertise you need to fight criminal charges in Calabasas, and we are always here to answer your questions.

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Canoga Park DUI

The Law Office of Ben Mironer provides local criminal defense representation to residents of West Hills. Our central office is conveniently located in Woodland Hills, CA and we service the San Fernando Valley. Our office has the experience and expertise you need to fight criminal charges, and we are always prepared to defend you. We offer our clients the gold standard in criminal defense, in that we take care of our clients with compassion and professionalism while leaving no stone unturned in securing the best results possible for them.

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Granada Hills DUI

The Law Office of Ben Mironer provides elite criminal defense representation to residents of Granada Hills, CA. Our central office is conveniently located in Woodland Hills, CA and we service the San Fernando Valley. Our office has the experience and expertise you need to fight criminal charges, and we are always prepared to defend you.

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Frequently Asked Questions


A DUI charge can be beat in court and at the DMV. The Law Office of Ben Mironer has successfully had many DUI cases dismissed, reduced, or rejected. We have also had many clients acquitted after a jury trial. It is important to fight a DUI charge, in order to get the best result possible. Just hiring a lawyer, doesn’t mean that they will actually fight your DUI charge. Unfortunately, most attorneys (especially the ones that advertise a lot) usually take whatever offer the prosecutor gives them. They may ask for a reduction, in a friendly way, but they will not challenge the legitimacy of the charge. They may even get a reduction, once in a while. However, if you have an attorney that is willing and capable of actually fighting a DUI charge, you will generally get a better result. Ben Mironer is trained, experienced, and has the track record to prove that he fights for his clients, in every DUI case he takes on.


The stakes are very high in a DUI case, even higher than many other crimes, especially in the long run. A DUI conviction could cost some people their employment, especially “commercial drivers” and “professionals” that hold a specialized license. A DUI conviction can stay on your record for years, which can affect auto insurance rates and employment opportunities. Furthermore, some people face jail time in their DUI cases. It is important to know that the legal system is set up to help prosecutors get a DUI conviction. Many Constitutional rights do not apply with the DMV, and many Constitutional protections do not apply in a DUI arrest. Finally, even though DUI is the most common criminal offense, DUI cases are also the most complex to understand, and to defend properly. A skilled DUI attorney could be the difference between getting a criminal conviction, and getting a case dismissed.


A Misdemeanor criminal offense is much less serious than a Felony offense. Unlike a Felony, when someone is arrested for a Misdemeanor, they are usually released without having to pay any bail. Someone who suffers a Misdemeanor conviction usually has to pay a fine, complete a program, sometimes complete community labor, and generally has to do little to no jail time. But, there are some Misdemeanor cases where a defendant may have to spend up to one year in county jail. They are also usually given summary (informal) probation, where they must obey all laws. Someone who suffers a Felony conviction usually faces some time in jail (either in county jail or prison), some treatment program, or counseling (live-in residential). Felony cases may also have a “preliminary hearing,” which Misdemeanors do not have. Individuals convicted of a Felony face prison time, and they are generally placed on formal probation or parole. Finally, there are some charges known as “Wobblers,” these are criminal offenses that can be charged as either a Misdemeanor or a Felony.

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Los Angeles DUI Attorney Who Cares

For many years I worked for a big criminal defense firm in Los Angeles. While working at the firm, I handled over 750 DUI cases and DMV hearings, and more than 300 other criminal matters, which included drugs, theft, sexual and violent crimes. By handling so many cases and working with so many different attorneys, I gained the experience and expertise that it takes most private criminal defense attorneys decades to obtain in a small practice. I was also privileged to have the opportunity to be trained by an ex-DMV hearing officer, and a 25 year experienced federal public defender. Even though this helped me gain experience at the time, I realized that in order to do my best on every case, I had to limit the amount of cases I could take on. Working at a big firm you do not get to decide how many cases you take on, you are simply given an inventory of clients.

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More Client Testimonials

- @M. B.

Ben Mironer did a great Job with my case. I had never been in this type of situation before and my friend referred me to Mr. Mironer's office. He told me right away that I had a good case, and that we had to fight the charges. He was able to get my charges reduced without going to trial. I am very pleased with the outcome and I am very glad I put my trust in him. I would refer him to my friends in an instant.

- @ DUI Client

His name should be Ben Miracle, an extraordinary lawyer. When I was arrested for a DUI, it was one of the most difficult experiences of my life. I called numerous lawyers and many solicited my business. Most were slick talkers and worked in big firms, but Ben has a down to earth manner and has an extraordinary ability to communicate and relate to his clients. It feels like you are dealing with a friend, but he is also extremely professional and proficient.

- @ DUI Client

He went over my likely scenarios before I hired him, and he was able to achieve the best case by convincing the courts not to file charges. Ben is a brilliant lawyer that should be your first option if you are involved in a DUI. He will not only calm your nerves, he will handle your case like a seasoned pro. It has a been an excellent experience having him as my lawyer, and I highly recommend him to everyone who gets involved in a messy situation such as a DUI."- S. M. - First Offense DUI Client

@ J. P.

got my first dui in may. I was referred to Ben by a friend of mine. Going through a DUI was a tough ordeal. Ben was a terrific attorney, professional, and always accessible. At the end of the day, he was able to achieve the goal of getting my DUI down to a wet wreckless! I would definitely recommend Ben Mironer

- @N. C.

Ben just worked with us on a case, and I have to say it was the best experience with any lawyer that I have ever had. He was caring, professional, and most of all I felt like I was working with a friend. He is smart, and so knowledegable about our case from every angle. I would recommend Ben Mironer to anyone I know looking for an host and hard working lawyer.

- @E. W.

Dear Ben Mironer , Thank you for your expertise. You have truly been God sent for me. I thank you for your professionalism in handling my case. May God bless you Mr. Mironer.

- @M.G.

It has been some months since we were represented by your law firm in court and in particular by your associate, Ben Mironer. While, I had intended to write your firm earlier - I finally have gotten around to it today. I just wanted to let you know that we were extremely pleased with the professionalism,

- @N.S.

Where do I start. I met Ben as a juror in a DUI case and fell in love with his style of questioning and his intelligence. Although I thought the defense does not have a chance to win the case, the way Mr. Mironer handled the case, it took less than an hour to find defendant not guilty. About two years ago I recommended him to a family member who had a DUI arrest and he hired his firm to represent him. I was involved from the get go and attended the court together with them a number of times. The case was finally dismissed today. Hooray to Ben Mironer for the hard work and the days, weeks and months he devoted to this case. At a minimal fee, he put his heart and soul in the case and he was there for the defendant all along. What I appreciates about him the most is that sense of confidence he gives you which is the most important support you need at such times. He treats you like his own family and always available to answer any questions or concerns. Truly and from bottom of my heart I recommend Ben Mironer, as definitely one of the best, if not THE BEST in the business.

"Ben handled both my original domestic violence case as well as my early termination of probation and expungement. His responsiveness and understanding of the charges against me calmed my nerves while going through the difficult and stressful process. I was happy to get out of probation five months early and have the charges expunged from my record. I would recommend Ben highly and without hesitation." - Anonymous - Expungement Client


"Professional Honest & Ethical - Ben is very knowledgeable in criminal defense, honest and trustworthy. Ben looked at my case and had superb knowledge of my case and advised me accordingly. He compiled the information and any necessary data to advise me the outcome of my case. Anytime I had any questions Ben was there to help and advise me, returned all of my phone calls promptly within an hour. Anyone who is looking for reliable,


"Professional and Caring - Ben Mironer is a wonderful lawyer. Not only was he knowledgeable and dedicated to my case, but he was understanding and caring. He made a horrible and scary situation, more bearable. He worked tirelessly to get me the best outcome. I was glad to have Ben on my side and I couldn't have asked for a better lawyer!" -M.P.


"AMAZING WHAT BEN DID FOR ME! TRULY A BLESSING TO HAVE HIM ON MY TEAM! Ben Mironer is more than just an attorney. He truly cares about the situation and makes you feel like you are in great hands at all times. He went far beyond what you would expect from a lawyer. I did not feel the outcome was going to be prominsing but that wasnt the case when court ended. Ben got the results I needed and now my life is back on track!!!! Thank you!!" -S.H.


"Great Lawyer - Ben was very helpful throughout my case. His knowledge on the subject matter was extremely helpful as he guided me through the legal system. He persevered when my odds did not look good and stood by my side. He is a wonderful ally to have and I am very grateful for his help and professionalism." -J.F.

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