Did You Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

This should be your first move. Most criminal defense attorneys provide at least 30 minutes for FREE CONSULTATION. It’s in your best interest to call and find out your options. It won’t hurt to hear more information, and there is no cost on your end. For free phone advice call 800.943.8310.

Anyone who has been convicted of a criminal offense, knows that the court appearances don’t end there. Everything that happens after the conviction, is known as post-conviction. Some common post-conviction hearings are: a Criminal Restitution Hearing, Bench Warrant Recall, Probation Violation, Motion to Withdraw a Plea, Motion to Reduce a Felony, Motion to Expunge, Motion for a Certificate of Rehabilitation, Termination of Registration Requirement, Application for Clemency (Governor’s Pardon), Writs and Appeals.

Sometimes there is no conviction for an arrest, when charges aren’t filed, or there’s a dismissal, or an acquittal. In those situations, there is commonly a Motion to Seal and Destroy the Arrest. These motions can have a large impact on people’s lives, and allows them to move forward in a productive path.

It is crucial to know your rights, and options in any post-conviction matter. Ben Mironer works hard to protect your rights, to give you the best advice, and to get you the best outcome possible. He has been successful in handling hundreds of these types of post-conviction matters.