Recent Wins

Life in Prison, Case Dismissed

Our client adamantly denied being the person who committed the alleged offenses. He was being charged with burglary with intent to commit rape and torture. Both charges carried a life sentence if convicted. Ben Mironer was able to get the first charge dismissed, at the Preliminary Hearing. Ultimately, the District Attorney’s office dismissed the second charge due to insufficient evidence. The case was entirely dismissed.

Not Guilty Verdict in Second Offense DUI Trial

Our client was being charged with a Second Offense DUI, and a very high BAC level. However, there was a serious issue about whether he was actually driving at all. Ben Mironer was able to show the jury that there was a reasonable doubt that our client was driving. This was an incredible victory, and justice prevailed.

Not Guilty Verdict in Robbery Trial

Our client was facing 6 years in state prison for a Robbery charge. We went to trial because our client was being falsely accused of an offense he did not commit. The jury deliberated for less than one hour and came back with a not guilty verdict.

Hung Jury in Vehicular Manslaughter Trial & in Re-trial

Our client was charged with 6 counts of Vehicular Manslaughter, but Ben Mironer was able to prevent a conviction against our client. The jury deliberated for 4 days, in the first trial, and 3 days, in the re-trial, but couldn’t agree on their decisions. This was a tremendous victory for our client and our office.

Kidnapping charge dropped to Disobeying a Court Order

Our client was being charged with Kidnapping her own daughter. She was also being charged with several other felonies and was facing a maximum sentence of 28 years in state prison. Ben Mironer set the case for trial. The day that trial was supposed to begin, we received an offer for probation and a plea bargain to a reduced offense of disobeying a court order. Our client was immediately released and given credit for the time she served.

Hung Jury in DUI Trial

Our client was being charged with a First Offense DUI, and his BAC was .10%. There were various scientific issues in the case, which made it hard to prove what the BAC was, at the time of driving. Ben Mironer was able to get a hung jury and prevented our client from being convicted.

Third Offense DUI reduced to Exhibition of Speed

Our client was involved in a traffic accident, where he was not at fault, while riding a motorcycle. Ben Mironer was able to convince the prosecutor not to file charges as a felony. Then, Mr. Mironer persuaded the prosecutor to a plea bargain for a reduced offense known as an Exhibition of Speed.

Felony Hit and Run charges Dismissed

Our client was involved in a traffic accident on the freeway. Ben Mironer was able to show that our client went to CHP to report the accident the next day, and that the victim in the case had been compensated by the insurance company. Ultimately, the Hit and Run charges were dismissed by the District Attorney’s office.

Second Offense DUI dismissed after Suppression Motion

Our client was being charged with a Second Offense DUI, and a Refusal. Ben Mironer filed a suppression motion to challenge the constitutionality of the stop. The Judge granted the suppression motion, and the prosecutor dismissed all charges against our client.