Ventura County Courts

Hall of Justice Courthouse

The Ventura County – Hall of Justice courthouse is located at 800 South Victoria Ave., Ventura, CA 93009. This courthouse is the primary court in Ventura County, and both misdemeanor and felony criminal offenses are heard there. The Ventura County District Attorney’s Office handles all of the criminal matters in the Hall of Justice courthouse, and their office is located inside the building. The younger prosecutors start by handling misdemeanors, and the more seasoned prosecutors handle the felonies. Ventura DUI attorney, Ben Mironer has been successful in getting cases dismissed in the Hall of Justice courthouse, even without trial.

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It is very important to hire an Ventura attorney that has lots of experience in the Ventura County Hall of Justice Courthouse. The prosecutors in Ventura County know that Ben Mironer is a serious criminal defense attorney that fights for his clients rights. We have been able to get amazing results in the Hall of Justice because we thoroughly investigate each case, and challenge the prosecution by arguing motions and doing jury trials. We are familiar with many District Attorneys in the courthouse and we know how to get cases dismissed.

The District Attorney’s Office in Ventura has various policies that are unique to Ventura County, and it’s important to have an attorney represent you that is familiar with the DA’s office policies. It is important to know that in DUI cases, the DA’s office in Ventura does not reduce the offense. They will not reduce it to a Wet Reckless, Dry Reckless, or Exhibition of Speed no matter what you argue. However, they will dismiss a case when we can prove that it’s unethical for them to proceed. We do this by examining the evidence, and demonstrating serious problems with their proof. We convince them they can’t prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Department 10

If you have been charged with a DUI in Ventura County, you’re first court appearance will be your arraignment in Department 10. The prosecutors in Department 10 switch around every couple of months in a rotation. They cover the calendar in this department and generally provide a standard offer that was pre-determined by the DA who filed the case. These prosecutors have very little wiggle room to modify an offer, and are commonly unwilling to make any major changes to the offer. However, our office has great relationships with several prosecutors that cover Department 10, and we are commonly able to convince them to modify an offer. Also, it is important to have an experienced Ventura county DUI attorney because sometimes the Judge can help you resolve a case there. We know that it may be in our client’s best interest to reject the DA’s offer, and to get an offer from the Judge. We have been able to improve the outcome for many clients by doing this. Even though most of our cases don’t resolve in Department 10, it is important to understand when you should push and when you should take a deal in Ventura.

Department 11

Most of the misdemeanor arraignments, other than DUIs, are heard in Department 11. If someone has been charged with a misdemeanor drug crime, their case will start in Department 11. This department is run very similarly to Department 10, but the types of offenses there are different. There is also a lock-up portion to this Department, so most of the in-custody misdemeanor arraignments are heard there.

Ventura DUI attorney Ben Mironer can help answer all of your questions about the Ventura County Hall of Justice. We have years of experience in this courthouse, and we know the subtle nuances that benefit our clients. Once a not guilty plea is entered in Department 10 or 11, the case gets transferred to Department 13.

Department 12

Many various types of felony cases start off in this courtroom for the arraignment. The arraignment is a critical time in a felony matter, and the atmosphere of this department can be extremely intimidating on a defendant facing a potential prison term. The Law Office of Ben Mironer has handled many felony cases in the Hall of Justice Courthouse, and it is imperative to have an experienced Ventura County criminal defense attorney on your side, to get you the best outcome possible.

It is important to know that after the arraignment, the case does not move out of Department 12, unless it’s set for a preliminary hearing. Usually, most cases get set for an Early Disposition Conference (EDC- or referred to as EDP in LA county). In Ventura County, this is when the prosecutor discusses the case with the defense attorney and Judge in chambers. This process is unique to Ventura, and it is very beneficial in most cases. An attorney at The Law Office of Ben Mironer will keep you posted every step of the way, both in regard to the process in Ventura, and the various aspects of your case.

Department 13

 The Hall of Justice Courthouse has eliminated the pre-trial phase in misdemeanor cases. Now, after a not guilty plea is entered in the arraignment court, cases are transferred to Department 13, which the trial setting department. Misdemeanor cases that transfer to Department 13 are either set for trial or for disposition. It is important to have an experienced Ventura County criminal defense attorney represent you because at this stage of the process it is critical to know all of the court’s procedures.

After the arraignment phase, our office continues to request substantial amounts of additional discovery. We do a thorough investigation of every case, and then we discuss the options with our clients, along with our recommendations. In cases where we announce ready for trial, the case gets assigned to another department upstairs in the courthouse. It is important to get an experienced attorney that knows the Judges in Ventura county, because certain Judges have a reputation of being very hard on sentencing defendants. An attorney at The Law Office of Ben Mironer knows which Judges to try and avoid for trial, and which may be favorable

Department 14

Department 14 is utilized for preliminary hearing settings. When a felony case is set for a preliminary hearing, it is transferred to a courtroom upstairs and out of this department. This is a final opportunity to resolve a felony case, prior to preliminary hearing. Usually, if a case was not resolved during the EDC, it will not likely get resolved once it’s set for a preliminary hearing. Again, this is unique to Ventura County and not common in LA County, where cases commonly get resolved on the day of the preliminary hearing. After the preliminary hearing the Judge decides whether the defendant shall be held to answer, or if the charges should be reduced or even dismissed. It is a critical phase in felony cases, and it is important to be well represented through this process because it can impact the rest of your case.

The Hall of Justice Courthouse could be a very difficult place to get a good result. You need to have an experienced, local Hall of Justice Courthouse criminal defense attorney, with a proven track record of success, to help guide you through the process. The Law Office of Ben Mironer has consistently been able to achieve incredible results for our clients, in the Hall of Justice Courthouse, due to the fact that we have so much experience there. A skilled criminal defense attorney from our firm is always available, and will always be available to answer any specific questions you have about the Hall of Justice Courthouse or your legal matter.