The Ben Mironer Law Firm Safeguards Your Constitutional Rights

We Fight For Our Clients

With every case, we fight for our clients. We provide our clients with hope and peace of mind, knowing their case is getting the care, attention, and expertise it deserves.

Each case is given the optimal amount of time for every legal consideration, including a possible pre-filing discussion with the filing prosecutor, a thorough investigation of evidence, consultations with experts, motions, and trial.

By doing so, we often get charges reduced or dismissed pre-filing, during negotiations, after motions, or after trial.

Building A Custom Defense

We personalize the defense for every client’s case. The key is that we take the time to listen to our clients. We discuss their background, personal issues pertaining to substance abuse, as well as the facts and legal issues of their case. We get to know every client on a personal level, which helps us both properly advise them and zealously advocate for them. We know the importance of explaining every step of the process and leaving clients feeling that they were well taken care of. We truly care for our clients and their situations, and this pushes us to get them the best results possible.

Proactive Approach

We try to get the case dismissed before charges are filed. We begin advising our clients immediately upon our initial consultation. Sometimes it can be very helpful to take steps right away to help the case. We always attempt to intervene with the filing prosecutor before charges are filed. This has resulted in many informal agreements with prosecutors to not file charges. Informal office hearings are sometimes help, instead of any formal prosecution. When we can, we try to persuade prosecutors to reject cases before charges are filed.

Thorough Investigation

We investigate all the evidence in your case, and then we consult with experts to prepare your defense. If charges are filed, we conduct a thorough investigation of the evidence in your case. We immediately request additional discovery from the prosecutor, and generally subpoena documents and officers for administrative hearings.

In DUI cases, we investigate any weaknesses in the chemical evidence by obtaining the maintenance and calibration records of the devices used, or we do an independent laboratory blood analysis in certain cases. Also, we always try to get any video or audio recordings, along with any dispatch and usage logs.

Another critical step in the investigation process is consulting with experts in the field. We often bring in experts to assist in our defense cases. We consult with forensic toxicologists, drug recognition experts, law enforcement trainers, former DMV hearing officers, experts in accident reconstruction, private investigators, and certified addiction specialists depending on the case.

A proper investigation often uncovers problems with proof in the prosecutor’s case. We use these issues to leverage reduced offers, informal diversion agreements, and formal deferred entry of judgments. Sometimes we’re even able to convince prosecutors that they can’t prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt, and that they must ethically dismiss the charges.

Skilled and Polite Negotiations

Our goal is to prevent our clients from a prison sentence, and to never have a client convicted of an offense they are not guilty of committing. When negotiating a plea bargain, there are some cases that require damage control. We treat prosecutors with professional respect. Aggressive tactics often backfire with prosecutors. We have built mutual respect and good rapport with deputy prosecutors and their supervisors.

In damage control cases, we work with certified addiction specialists, prosecutors, and judges to work out alternative sentencing agreements. We do this by utilizing the progress and commitment to rehab, which our clients exhibit by immediately getting help, usually based on our advice. We commonly achieve amazing deals, so prosecutors may avoid a lengthy battle with us in court.

Unparalleled Litigation

Unlike most DUI attorneys, we want to take your case to trial because that is the way to get the best result. When an individual has a case that has a reasonable doubt, that client is not guilty of the offense they are being charged with. These wrongfully accused individuals deserve an attorney that is willing and capable of taking a case to a jury and educating 12 jurors as to why that person is not guilty. That is what we pride ourselves in being great at. This skill requires a strong foundation in criminal procedures, substantive criminal law, rules of evidence, and most importantly in charisma. Our talent and skills in these areas separates us from the rest.

About Ben Mironer

For many years I worked for a big criminal defense firm in Los Angeles. During my time at the company, I successfully managed a workload of 1500 DUI cases and DMV hearings, as well as 500 other criminal cases involving drug offenses, theft, and various sexual and violent crimes. This extensive experience, combined with collaborating with numerous attorneys, provided me with the skills and knowledge that typically takes private criminal defense lawyers many years to acquire in a smaller setting.

After completing his law studies and successfully passing the Bar examination, Ben Mironer embarked on his professional journey in the legal field by securing a highly esteemed internship at the California Court of Appeal, Sixth District. He was assisting Associate Justice Franklin D. Elia, along with his judicial staff of clerks.

The Court of Appeal provided Mr. Mironer with an invaluable educational opportunity. He observed oral arguments, examined briefs, and conducted research for each case. In the end, he opted for criminal defense to safeguard our Constitutional rights and make a difference in the legal system.

Mr. Mironer’s first job with a law firm focused mainly on criminal defense, specifically on driving under the influence cases. He worked at the firm for many years, and eventually became the lead trial attorney for the firm.

He handled over 750 DUI cases and DMV hearings. He attended many seminars which trained him in Standardized Field Sobriety testing, various breathalyzer devices, blood testing procedures and equipment, and cross-examination of officers and experts. Mr. Mironer has lectured at seminars about the DMV process in a DUI case, and Felony Alternative Sentencing in a DUI case.

Aside from all the DUI cases, Mr. Mironer also handled more than 300 other criminal matters. The criminal cases included serious felonies and misdemeanors, ranging from theft crimes, drug offenses, domestic violence, sex offenses, violent crimes, and white-collar crimes.