Did You Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

This should be your first move. Most criminal defense attorneys provide at least 30 minutes for FREE CONSULTATION. It’s in your best interest to call and find out your options. It won’t hurt to hear more information, and there is no cost on your end. For free phone advice call 800.943.8310.

There are lots of different types of criminal charges that may arise. Some common examples are charges for Vehicular Crimes, Violent Crimes, Domestic Violence, Sex Crimes, Theft Crimes, and White Collar Crimes.

Depending on the type of criminal charge, a good defense attorney will have a strategy to assist you in your case. Sometime a person needs treatment, as opposed to punishment in jail. Other times, people can be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and get falsely accused of a crime they did not commit. Either way, it is important to have good representation in your case. Many criminal charges can get dismissed through a process known as “diversion” or a deferred entry of judgment. Also, many courts now have a separate Court specifically for Drugs, Veterans, and Mental Health patients, which focus more on rehabilitation, as opposed to punishment.

It is crucial to know your rights, and options in defending a criminal case. The Law Office of Ben Mironer has had many criminal cases dismissed, either because of conducting thorough investigations, filing various motions, going to trial, or providing the Court and prosecutors with additional information about our clients. Ben Mironer works hard to protect your rights, and to get you the best outcome possible.