Holiday Office Parties Might Be Your Enemy, #3 Is What’s Gonna Get You

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Drunk driving accidents and arrests are most prevalent during the holidays. What should be a positive occasion can turn tragic in an instant. Many people are on the roads after attending an office party, and may not be in the optimal position to drive a vehicle. Law enforcement has been more and more vigilant, and DUI arrests have increased during the holiday season. In fact many working professionals can attest to having their first or only criminal arrest after being stopped preceding an office event.

1. Know Your Limits
Sometimes drinking is unavoidable at office shindigs. You’ve worked with these people all year, and this is a good chance for you to see them in a social environment and let loose. Know your limits. If you know you’re driving home, try to limit yourself to about 1 to 2 drinks an hour. Don’t forget the food and water. I know the company is paying for that open bar, but those appetizers being handed out are also tasty. If drinking an alcoholic mixture, use a non-carbonated base, like fruit juice. Alcohol is absorbed into the blood stream faster with a carbonated base. Here’s a handy tip, if you made a fool of yourself at the office party while intoxicated, you’re probably too drunk to drive.

2. Set Up Alternative Forms of Transportation
Better yet, don’t drive home. Set up alternative transportation beforehand. Plan to hitch a ride with someone (hopefully a sober driver) or better yet, Uber home. Don’t let a DUI cost you your life, career, freedom and thousands in expenses for a $40 Uber. It’s hard to quantify the benefits until it’s too late.

3. Looking Sober Doesn’t Mean You’re Sober
Don’t let appearance be the judge of whether you or someone you know is sober enough to drive. Appearance is not a good judge of blood alcohol content (BAC). A properly serviced and administered breathalyzer or blood test is a good judge of blood alcohol content. But if you waited until those tests were taken before you found out, then you were probably already arrested for a DUI.

P.S. That coffee probably did nothing for you.

You are in full control of avoiding a very common DUI arrest during the holiday season. Make sure that you don’t turn a season meant for celebration into a tragic one.

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