How Serious is a First Offense DUI?

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Many people, and unfortunately most attorneys, see a First Offense DUI as a minor offense. It is not! The consequences of a DUI conviction go far beyond a driver’s license suspension, possible jail time, fines and fees, an alcohol program, probation, and an ignition interlock device in your car. The social stigma associated with a criminal conviction may create major problems in one’s professional employment and career, and may cause major turmoil in someone’s personal life.

The attorney that represents a DUI client, obviously doesn’t have to complete the requirements of a DUI, and doesn’t have to live in the shoes of the convicted first timer after the case resolves. Also, since most first offenders don’t face major jail time, attorneys from various fields of law tend to convince clients they can handle their case. For these reasons, many attorneys do not give the care and attention a First DUI deserves.

Most people facing a first offense never anticipated to be placed in the criminal justice system as a defendant. Also, most people rely on their driver’s license to make a living.  Because of this many people convicted of DUI end up driving on their suspended license, violating probation, or are constantly worried about getting stopped by the police. We understand that these clients need our expertise and skill, to prevent them from unjustifiably being convicted of a DUI.

Some attorneys take advantage of first time DUI clients because they know that the person being charged is usually inexperienced with the criminal justice system, doesn’t know what they are facing, and doesn’t understand how to potentially defend themselves.  Some people blame themselves for getting arrested because they know that they did drink before they went driving. However, every state permits adults to drive after they have had something to drink.  It only becomes illegal when the person is so impaired, they exhibit unsafe driving caused by the alcohol, or when their BAC level exceeds the .08% limit.

It is crucial to get an attorney that is trustworthy, and explains everything about the charges, the potential consequences, your defenses, and your alternatives. Some attorneys leave their clients in the dark, and hopefully get a good result to justify their fees. Unfortunately, most people convicted of a DUI don’t know whether their attorney properly represented them, or looked into all of the defenses in their case.

An attorney at The Law Office of Ben Mironer always investigates every DUI case thoroughly, and recommends the best option based on all of the facts in the case.