Justin Bieber Rejected Plea Bargain Offer and Will Try to Beat His DUI

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You can’t always believe the police report!

Justin Bieber rejected a plea bargain offer today, in his Florida criminal case for DUI and street racing. Bieber’s attorneys suggest that the officers may have embellished as to statements made by Bieber.

His attorneys are also challenging the street racing charges. The prosecutors reportedly offered Bieber a no jail deal, with probation and certain standard DUI terms.

Bieber reportedly is not interested in a deal with probation or an alcohol program. Unfortunately, most deals that have no probation, usually carry a jail sentence. Also, the alcohol program is required by law for a DUI.

In essence, he wants his lawyers to get him no probation, no jail, and no alcohol program.  This suggests that Bieber will have to take his chances with a jury trial. Unless the DUI defense team can discover problems with the prosecutions case, it appears that Bieber will be headed to trial.

This can turn out to be a very interesting case, especially if Bieber has been falsely accused by over-zealous police officers that wanted to arrest a celebrity. Right now, Bieber’s attorneys are requesting additional discovery and building their defense for Bieber. This case may potentially expose the weaknesses in DUI cases, on a national level.