This 4th of July, Don’t Try to Stay Hydrated by Drinking Beer

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This 4th of July, just like most years in Southern California, it’s expected to be a hot one. When you are at the beach, or by the pool having drinks, remember that it is very important to stay hydrated. When your body is dehydrated, alcohol affects your mental and physical abilities quicker and more intensely. When alcohol enters your blood stream, it goes immediately to the organs that have the most fluid. Your brain and muscles are the quickest to be affected when your body is dehydrated because those are the organs with the most fluid. When your body is hydrated, the alcohol can disperse more equally throughout your entire body.

Also, blood alcohol concentration readings may be higher as a result of dehydration. The lungs are one of the organs with the most fluid, and will have higher concentrations of alcohol when you are dehydrated. This means breathalyzer results will show a higher BAC (blood alcohol concentration) level than you would have if hydrated.

Contrary to popular belief, consuming alcohol is not a good way to stay hydrated. Even though beer has a very low percentage of alcohol, it still causes impairment. The best way to stay hydrated while having drinks, is to drink plenty of water. Water is still the best way to stay hydrated on a hot summer day. So remember to stay safe this 4th of July, and make sure your liquid diet includes lots of water.