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Oxnard DUI

oxnard dui


Oxnard DUI Attorney – A local Oxnard criminal defense attorney can make a huge difference in the outcome of a Ventura County – Hall of Justice Courthouse criminal case. If someone is arrested and charged with a crime in Ventura County, the case will likely be heard in the Hall of Justice Courthouse. The District Attorney’s Office prosecutes all misdemeanor and felony offenses, so it’s important to hire an attorney that has handled lots of cases in that courthouse. The procedures are a little different in the Hall of Justice Courthouse, so you need an experienced Oxnard DUI defense attorney on their side to know the little nuances.

It is critical to hire a local Oxnard attorney that knows the prosecutors and Judges in the Hall of Justice Courthouse, and will not hesitate to take a case to trial when it’s in your best interests. Some cases in this courthouse must go to trial, because the DAs Office is commonly unwilling to provide legitimate plea-bargain offers. This is what makes Ventura DUIs especially difficult for other DUI attorneys.

The Law Office of Ben Mironer provides local criminal defense representation to residents of Oxnard. We handle cases in Ventura County and the San Fernando Valley. Our office has the experience and expertise you need to fight criminal charges, and we are always prepared to defend you. We take care of our clients with compassion and professionalism, while leaving no stone unturned in securing the best results possible for them.

When you are arrested and charged with a criminal offense in Oxnard, it is critical to find a local attorney to defend you. Our office works closely with our clients, and we are always available to discuss their cases 24/7. We welcome client office visits, and in-depth phone conversations in regard to all areas of a client’s case. We get to know each and every client on a personal level, so that we may properly advise them in their case. It is crucial to have an attorney that knows your entire story and custom-tailors your defense to your needs. By taking the time to get to know our clients, we are better able to negotiate with prosecutors, and better able to advise our clients. Communication and responsiveness is a trademark of The Law Office of Ben Mironer.

trained Oxnard criminal defense

We always have a trained Oxnard criminal defense attorney available to speak with you about your case. If you’ve been arrested, charged, or are just being investigated for a criminal offense, it is important to contact a skilled attorney as soon as possible. Early steps and proactive measures can be taken in most cases. An attorney at our office will help improve your prospective on things immediately. We will enlighten you about the charges you’re facing, and explain the entire criminal process. We offer a free consultation and everything we discuss is completely confidential. This consultation will provide you with a full assessment of your case, and you will understand the importance of having good legal representation.

Ventura DUI First Offender Program

After you are convicted of a Ventura DUI, you only have a limited number of days to enroll in the Ventura County DUI program (VCDUI). You must make an appointment and failure to enroll may result in the court issuing an arrest warrant due to a failure to appear. Even if the program is not ordered by the court, you may still have to enroll as conditions of the DMV in order to get your driver’s license back.

The Ventura First Offender Program is a 3-month program, consisting of
  • Enrollment and intake session
  • 12 hours of Education sessions
  • 18 hours of group counseling
  • 3 Individual counseling sessions
Costs of the Ventura DUI First Offender Program
  • 3-month program is $843
  • 6-month program is $1,400
  • 9-month program is $1,851
  • 12-month program is $2,407
  • 12-hour program is $270
  • A $350 down payment is required at enrollment.

This program may be extended up to 6, 9, or 12 months depending on the level of your Blood Alcohol Content at your arrest.
First time offenders who are enrolled in the program may be eligible for a restricted license. If you are eligible, the DMV will generally require that you enroll in a DUI program, provide proof of financial responsibility and pay a re-issue fee.

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