DUI Probation Violation

DUI Probation Violation

When someone is convicted of a first offense dui, they are commonly placed on three years of informal summary probation. Someone convicted of a dui, with at least one prior, usually gets placed on five years of summary probation.

The Terms and Conditions of Probation

The terms and conditions of probation range drastically depending on various factors such as prior dui convictions, whether there was a traffic collision, a high bac level, driving at a high rate of speed. Some of the mandatory terms for every dui are an alcohol program, and a fine. The Court provides a due date, and both the fine must be paid and the completion certificate for the program, must be filed with the Court by the due date. If any of the conditions are not completed or are not filed with the court by the due date, there is a possibility for a probation violation.

Proof of Completion

If either proof of completion for the program, or the fine payment is not submitted to the Court by the due date, the Judge will issue a BENCH WARRANT for an arrest. This means that if someone assumed their alcohol program submitted proof of completion to the court, but nothing was ever submitted, there could be a bench warrant issued for their arrest which they are not even aware of.

Probation violation

Thus, if you believe there is a possibility that a bench warrant was issued in your case, because some requirement was not completed or may have not been submitted, it is crucial to contact The Law Office of Ben Mironer immediately. We can find out whether a bench warrant was issued in your case. If so, we can help clear up the bench warrant, without the risk of you being arrested or taken into custody. We can also help you try to avoid a probation violation all together.