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Where do I start. I met Ben as a juror in a DUI case and fell in love with his style of questioning and his intelligence. Although I thought the defense does not have a chance to win the case, the way Mr. Mironer handled the case, it took less than an hour to find defendant not guilty. About two years ago I recommended him to a family member who had a DUI arrest and he hired his firm to represent him. I was involved from the get go and attended the court together with them a number of times. The case was finally dismissed today. Hooray to Ben Mironer for the hard work and the days, weeks and months he devoted to this case. At a minimal fee, he put his heart and soul in the case and he was there for the defendant all along. What I appreciates about him the most is that sense of confidence he gives you which is the most important support you need at such times. He treats you like his own family and always available to answer any questions or concerns. Truly and from bottom of my heart I recommend Ben Mironer, as definitely one of the best, if not THE BEST in the business.